In The Woods Festival Playlist & Video

In The Woods is a small festival of around 1000 people and is located at a secret location in Kent. As the name suggests it is set up in the woods, with straw… Continue reading

Photo Memories Competition

#weprintmemories I am absolutely photo mad, and wherever I go I will spend a good chunk of my time getting the perfect photo to capture the location and my memories. I have hundreds… Continue reading

My University Application Nightmare

I’m going to university but it has been such a struggled to get there… I’d suggest grabbing yourself a cuppa and getting comfy, this is going to be a long one.  Lets start… Continue reading

Crolinnhe Guesthouse & Crannog Restaurant in Fort William

I had done my research well for our first nights stay in Fort William, I wanted luxury but not too pricey. I wanted original but not too far from the train station. With… Continue reading

Exploring the Isle of Mull – In Photos

The Isle of Mull is one of the southern islands in Scotland, located a mere 45 minutes (approx.) from Oban via ferry. It is home to Tobermory (aka Balamory) and is the gate… Continue reading

The Perfect Water Bottle for Travellers from Water-to-Go

When I’m travelling the one thing I am constantly buying is water, some countries you can’t drink tap water and others just don’t have a good supply of free water. So what would… Continue reading

Staying In A Yurt

I had been eyeing up staying in a yurt for months, ever since I took an interest in glamping and quirky stays in the UK. A yurt was out of my price range back… Continue reading

On Leaving Glasgow and Having No Definite Plan

Leaving Glasgow was meant to be easy. I had known the end date from the day I moved there and after 10 months plus I thought I would be itching to leave. I… Continue reading

Glencoe Photo Essay

Glencoe is between Glasgow and Fort William just north of Loch Lomond but despite this it took me until last month to actually visit this beautiful area. On our Scottish road trip in… Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of The Little Backpacker #BlogHop

I have been nominated by the lovely Beverley of Pack Your Passport to take part in a Blog Hop. I have been watching and reading as Blog Hop has skipped around the blogosphere… Continue reading

August on The Little Backpacker

What on earth happened to August, one minute the month was just starting and the next it’s just finishing. A lot has happened this month including packing up our home in Glasgow and… Continue reading

In The Woods – Festival Packing List

With In The Woods festival fast approaching I thought it was about time I got packing, or at least thinking about it. After all the task of packing up the flat is a… Continue reading


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