Super Seven – Things I won’t Travel Without

Everyone has those everyday things they won’t leave the house without; here is what I won’t leave the country without

1. My SLR Camera – As a photographer this is my most prized possession, I would never go somewhere new without my camera for fear of missing a good shot. I currently use a Canon 550D with 18mm – 50mm and 70mm to 300mm lenses both with UV filters.


2. A Journal – I always carry one when I’m away to write down all the silly things; what I do and spend each day. It helps me to keep track, store important information and to remember the trip in all its detail.


3. Dr Martens – They might be a little big and bulky but these have been my trusty shoe through travelling. I wore them up table mountain, up Arthurs Seat, in the rain at Camp, during my safari trip in SA… this list goes on and on. They really are all weather and situation shoes in my eyes.

4. Travel Insurance – In America I had to visit a hospital because I ended up in the middle of nowhere, all drop in clinics shut and in desperate need for antibiotics. The hospital trip cost me over $1000 money I couldn’t have afforded without travel insurance. Always read the T &C’s and deal with them directly, it took me 9 months to settle a claim because of a ‘Middle Man’.

5. My IPod – I have a really old classic which barely works, but I don’t care it has all the music I have collected over the past 5 years and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s great for the long planes, buses and trains, nights when you can’t sleep or days when you’re road-tripping and need some tunes.


6. My guide book – Yes I’m one of those that carries their guide book with them, but when you can’t get internet access and really need an answer, you are sure to find some information in one of these. Full of maps, guide prices, reviews, travel information and emergency phone numbers, and I don’t have to waste all my money on internet access to find out.

7. Caxton FX Card (Or Similar) – A quick, smart and cheap way to use your money from abroad. This card has no withdrawal fees, no currency change fees and you can top it up with a few simple clicks online. I normally give the details to my parents to keep safe and top up for me to limit the risk of fraud. A card like this could save you a ton of money on withdrawal fees.