Super Seven – Festival Moments

I have been to festivals since I was 17, but I was desperate to go years before that. Every year for 3 years I spent over £200 pounds of festivals, read my DO’S and DON’TS list. I haven’t done that in 2 years now, and after attending Hackney Weekend 2 months or so ago I realise how much I miss going. Here’s my top 7 moments:

1. My first festival Reading 2008, I had never been to a festival before, I totally over packed, got really drunk in the afternoon and missed the Sunday headliner but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Camping with a big group of friends, drinking with people I had only met that day and having the best camping spot.

2. Blink 182Reading 2010, a favourite band of mine since growing up as a child. Not everyone liked there performance but I thought they were amazing. Nothing beats seeing some of your favourite songs live and knowing every word to sing along.

3. Delhi to DublinBlissfest 2011, my first festival abroad seeing a hippie band I had never heard of before, the forest was decorated with fairy lights and I was on the boy’s shoulders. They played a cover version of Barbara Streisand, I have never heard anything so good.

4. Kings Of LeonReading 2009, my friends had abandoned me and I was desperate to see them. Standing in the crowd I could barely see anything when the guy next to me asked if I wanted to go on his shoulders. So I spent the whole set on some strangers shoulders, able to see everything.

5. Brand New Reading 2009, a set that nearly had me in tears. There is no other word to describe them by except amazing. If you think they are good, wait till you see them live it will blow you away.

6. The Lock Up StageReading 08, 09 & ’10, my favourite stage despite not being my favourite music. The atmosphere is so fun from everyone dancing and screaming – to the whole tent being turned in to a mosh pit, rubbish bins being thrown and people invading the stage. This tent has it all.

7. The After Music ChillEvery year, every festival but my favourite time was at Reading 2010. We made friends with the security guards and every night at the same time they would come round, sit with us, and have a laugh. This made change from most festivals where the security team only came to tell s off!