Wicked Campers Review

When I looked at booking a campervan from Adelaide to Melbourne I looked at all the typical companies such as juicy and autobarn travellers, but none of those companies had depo’s in Adelaide. So my choices were Britz, Mighty or Wicked. After looking at prices I knew I really had one choice in Wicked.

The price was still not the cheapest, being stung with a $200 fee for only going one way and then $25 a day for insurance which didn’t need thousands of dollars on a credit card – something I don’t have. Still when it was this or not getting the van we decided to suck it up. After thinking I was being really sensible by choosing to pick up and drop off at the same time, I booked the van online as it said they had limited availability on the dates selected. I later found out that the price was charged per a day not per a 24 hour period so we could have had the van for many more hours without being charged any extra!

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Still we soon forgot about this once we were on the road. We received a 3 seater between the 2 of us and after filling up with fuel – something I don’t really like about their policy where to receive empty and return empty on fuel. Packing our bags in, we hit the highway. Picking the van up was simple and straight forward even know the street in Adelaide was hard to find.

The van itself is old, it rattles and to begin with feels a little unsafe to be driving so fast but you soon get used to it. After driving over 3 hours to our first destination something was concerning me, we had filled up with fuel before we left Adelaide yet 3 hours later the tank is half empty – it wasn’t as if I had been speeding either. Still I hadn’t done the recommended speed of 80km and this issue continued to be a problem the rest of the journey except for when it came to return the van and the tank was still a quarter full – that was money we wouldn’t get back.

I found that the handling of the van around the twists and turns of the Great Ocean Road was not great, you really had to slow down more than others to make it around the corner safely and it struggled on hills badly. It became very obvious this was an old beat up van which got its appeal and popularity because of the decorated exterior not for its fuel economy or good handling. I might just add that ours was decorated with a topless girl named ‘Pussycat’ and the slogan on the back was ‘get ya tits out and we’ll call it quits’.


Overall this was the only company we could afford that was located in Adelaide. However if I was to hire a van again I would reconsider hiring from a different city just so I could use a different company. For our $550 we had three 24 hour periods of use, which really wasn’t getting our money’s worth. I didn’t like there policy of picking up and dropping back vans empty on fuel. However the laid back atmosphere of the company was great but I would rather drive something that feels reliable unlike the Wicked van we had. That being said for the short trip we did it worked out fine.