Plan – Write bucket lists, write travel wish lists, be realistic, and be unrealistic. Work hard, save and save more, budget. Plan where to go, plan how to go, working holiday visa, volunteer, teach, backpack, holiday, adventure. Book appointments, book trips, book flights, book visas. Buy rucksacks, pack clothes, print tickets, and board a plane. TRAVEL. GO


Explore – Get out there, see tourist things, get off the beaten track, go to popular places, go to bizarre places, take risks, take chances, and prove others wrong. Road trip, hire a campervan, take boats, take trains, take buses, take planes, travel fast, travel slow. Travel across countries, across continents, across the world. The chance is now – don’t miss out or you’ll regret it forever.

fall in love

Fall In Love – With cities, with cafes, with views, with beaches, with buildings, with landscapes, with sun, with snow, with mountains, with underwater, with hotels, with campervans, with sunsets, with waterfalls and most importantly with people. Open your heart, put yourself out there, and if you don’t like somewhere, move on.


Capture – Memories will last forever, take picture after picture, record where you go, record what you do. Because you never know when you’ll want to remember exactly what it felt like, smelt like, looked like and even if you were to go back who knows if it will ever be the same as before. Don’t just capture the place, captured the people, the atmosphere, the spirit, the culture, the noise, the smell. The world is ever changing – write about it, vblog it and most important photograph it.