Singapore Through My Lens

I think out of every place I visited during my Asia trip I took the most photos in Singapore. So instead of trying to write about my time in this pristine city I’m just gonna let the pictures do the talking.

By Day
IMG_1532 EDIT 2 IMG_1240 EDIT 2IMG_1173 EDIT 2IMG_1179 EDIT 2 IMG_0499 EDIT 2IMG_1510 EDIT 2By SunsetIMG_1289 EDIT 2IMG_1530 EDIT 2IMG_1285 EDIT 2 IMG_1106 EDIT 2IMG_1278 EDIT 2By NightIMG_0918 EDIT 2 IMG_0923 EDIT 2IMG_0629 EDIT 2IMG_0634 EDIT 2 IMG_1037 EDIT 2 IMG_0827 EDIT 2 IMG_0652 EDIT 2 IMG_1313 EDIT 2 IMG_1039 EDIT 2