Luxury Eating In Singapore

After so much continual backpacking and living off a budget, for us the last two days in Singapore were all about ending our gap year on a high and spoiling ourselves. We were certainly doing that with a night at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel but we also spoilt ourselves with food too while we were there.

Crab Slidders

Crab Sliders

Au Chocolat

Our choice for dinner was Au Chocolat a lovely little bistro which had a very French feel. It was located in the shopping mall just outside of the hotel and prices were much less than in the hotel. We were mostly drawn in by the train chugging around the ceiling – so cool.

We had barely eaten any western food the whole time we had been in Asia so spent ages pondering over all the dishes on the menu. I chose a mushroom linguini as my main course and then crab sliders to share as a starter. We also ordered wine for the first time in forever. Both courses were delicious and the only issue was my linguini came out with penne pasta. While they were quick to make it right I felt terrible for complaining – after all I was used to ordering something off the menu and not even knowing if I had received the right thing throughout Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I certainly felt spoilt being treated so well. After finishing our main courses we were given a dessert menu and I practically wanted everything they had. Again throughout our six weeks around Asia we had rarely gotten dessert so it was something I was desperately craving. Obviously I couldn’t have everything so we settled for the mini four NYC cheesecakes and they were amazing!

Mini NYC Cheesecakes

Mini NYC Cheesecakes

The staff were great and the whole bistro had a lovely atmosphere. If you are stuck for where to eat in Singapore then this is a good western choice, our bill came to s$137 including 10% service charge – which is standard for anywhere throughout the Marina Bay complex.

One of our 'hot dishes' at Sky 57

One of our ‘hot dishes’ at Sky 57

Sky 57

As part of our room booking we had breakfast included, they gave us a choice of three restaurants but for us the choice was obvious – we wanted the one with the view. Sky 57 is located on the top floor of the hotel and has amazing views of the city from your breakfast table. We arrived early as not to be disappointed and it didn’t take long for us to get seated on the city side. We were given a menu for hot food and could choose two dishes each. Half the menu was typical western breakfast foods and the other half was Asian dishes. I’m not really a breakfast person so stuck to the western dishes I knew. It didn’t take us long to get most of the food although we did have to pester to receive our final one.

Beautiful Eggs at Sky 57

Beautiful Eggs at Sky 57

After the hot food we headed up to the exquisite buffet for more food. The buffet had everything you can imagine: fruit, yoghurt, salmon, cheese, crackers, bacon, hash browns, and mushrooms – I could go on and on. It was huge, continuously topped up and tasted amazing. I was so overwhelmed and impressed by it all. It certainly seemed the norm for some people however. We took our time and spread it over an hour and a half – it didn’t help I spent half the meal staring out the window! I was so full by the end and certainly wouldn’t be eaten for half the day.

There are some amazing places to eat in Singapore for all budgets and tastes. These were our picks for luxury treats however you certainly could have gone even more luxurious if you had the money to splash. However there were also plenty of cheaper places to suit a backpacker budget – we tried a few local dished but as per normal I had no idea what I was ordering. Don’t be tempted with the shopping malls full of fast food restaurants at cheap prices – they may appeal to your budget but Singapore has too much on offer to resort to something you can get at home.

Breakfast at Sky 57

Breakfast at Sky 57

Have you splashed out on a posh restaurant while travelling? What was your favourite? Sky 57 and its amazing view was certainly mine.