Falling In Love With Hoi An – A Photo Story

I arrived in Hoi An, dazed and confused off an overnight bus, why had they dropped us in a car park outside of town? Luckily we managed to grab a lift to the office and ring the hotel for a pick up. After that it was love at first site, even taking the main road to our hotel this town just felt beautiful. I was eager to get in to the town centre, check out the famous tailoring shops and wander along the river. By day the sun shone around the glorious town, bouncing off the pavement and lighting everything up. By night the town came alive in colourful lanterns, the nightly market was my favourite for lanterns but all along the river was beautiful too. We had a fantastic few days in Hoi An taking a photo tour and getting tailored clothes made. Editing these photos to show you how beautiful this town is has only made me want to be back there…

IMG_8096 EDIT 2 IMG_8103 EDIT 2 IMG_8108 EDIT 2 IMG_8110 EDIT 2 IMG_8115 EDIT 2 IMG_8344 EDIT 2 IMG_8348 EDIT 2 IMG_8352 EDIT 2 IMG_8355 EDIT 2 IMG_8380 EDIT 2 IMG_8386 EDIT 2 IMG_8387 EDIT 2 IMG_8393 edit 2 IMG_8413 edit 2 IMG_8437 edit 2 IMG_8464 EDIT 2 IMG_8466 EDIT 2 IMG_8471 EDIT 2

Have you been to Hoi An? Did you love it as much as me?signature