Video: Skydiving The Gold Coast

I first did a skydive back in Cairns in 2012, I loved every minute of it and vividly remember wanting to do it again right then. When I was offered a chance to skydive on the Gold Coast I took that choice over activities I had never done before like jet packing. There was a little part of me that thought I was being silly doing something I had done before, but the second I arrived at the shop I knew I had made the right choice. So here it is, my beach jump over the Gold Coast, the views were absolutely incredible! Thanks to the #imabackpacker competition run by and the Gold Coast Tourism Board.

The skydive was based in Coolangatta and the company was called Gold Coast Skydive. I wanted to give a special mention to my jump master Steve and all the crew behind the scenes. They made me feel so welcome, relaxed and were generally some of the loveliest people – even going out of their way to help me fix my own Go Pro because I was having issues. Steve did an amazing job with my video and the whole set up is perfect with the airport and landing zone barely 5 minutes from the office!