Fitness: David Lloyd, 10k Race For Life and a new gym kit

I’ve always loved running and as a teenager I was sport mad but since then I’ve done very little in the way of fitness. I feel travelling does that to you and although I could easily have gone for a run in many locations I’ve travelled in, I didn’t. I guess the closest I came was the Tongariro Crossing or the few months in Melbourne where I swam most weekdays.

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Since moving to Glasgow that has all changed mostly because we have a gym opposite our flat. The problem is this isn’t any old gym, it’s David Lloyd which is extremely expensive. Try to justify £56 a month on the gym  is hard unless you make the effort to actually go regularly which is what I’ve been doing for the past two months.

Four mornings a week I drag myself and the boy out of bed at 6.15am so we can spend an hour in the gym or half an hour swimming before work! Not only that but we also attend yoga class on a Wednesday evening and try to go once on the weekend. It’s a lot of effort but something which leaves me rewarded and feeling far better from it, the gym has also become my safe place when I’ve had a bad day. Nothing beats running on the treadmill watching the planes taking off.


Since working hard at the gym I have then signed up for the Race For Life. For those of you who don’t know it’s a woman’s only race raising money for cancer, they have different distances and encourage people to take part even if it’s to walk or dance. I decided i wanted to challenge myself so have signed up for the 10k race which will take place in Irvine mid may. Wish me luck…. and if you wish to sponsor me and help raise some money for cancer then visit my just giving page here. I have just under two weeks until the big day!

My New Kit

My New Kit

After singing up for the race I decided it was time to splash out on a new sexy gym kit. I’ve been drawling over the Sweaty Betty kit for months but just cannot afford it! So instead I got my kit from Forever 21. The quality is great and you really feel like your wearing something expensive. I went for bright pink bottoms and the comfiest sports bra ever. Unfortunately because of my choice of colour for bottoms I couldn’t find a top in the right colour or size to match so I chose some light weight cami tops as this meant I could get more for my money. I also treated myself to a new pair of trainers. Up until mid April I had been running in trainers I got in 2009 needless to say when I purchased my new pair it felt like running on air. My new Adidas trainers are incredibly comfy for running in and look stylish too. I picked them up in a sale for just £55 compared to brand new nikes that’s a pretty good deal!

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Fitness has fast become part of my normal routine and something I have dreadfully missed. I’ve always blamed my situation, location and saving goals for not going to the gym but I realise that was just me being lazy. The gym doesn’t have to be super expensive like David Lloyd but for me in the last few months it’s been worth it! When it comes to moving in August I would like to think that even know I won’t have a gym membership I will still keep up with some of this fitness now that it is in my daily routine. It’s so easy to go running outside, find workout tracks – especially in Australia – and pay a small fee to do one class a week. Fitness is important and I’ve found it helps to keep my wandering feet exercised!signature