A Photo Essay Of The Turkish Town Of Bodrum

Bodrum is located just 5km from Kos and you can visit on a day trip from the island, which is exactly what we did while there in April. Having explored most of Kos I found Bodrum much prettier and so many things caught my eye to photograph. Down every street seemed to be another cute alley or another amazing view of the castle. I have picked some of my favourite snaps from the day to try and show why I loved Bodrum so much. I will be following this post up with a write up of my day trip to the island and what we got up too. For now enjoy the pictures…Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Harbour

One of the ancient wonders of the world

top of a mosque

A street in Bodrum

Alley way in Bodrum

the bazzar

spices at the bazzar

alley by the sea

Bodrum Harbour

Bodrum Castle from afar