Sunday’s Little Thing – Life in Glasgow

Today I’m introducing a new feature which I plan to run every Sunday from now until I leave Glasgow at the end of August. There are several reasons I’ve decided to introduce a new feature… Well for starters back when I created my blog I used to have sunday feature called super seven but as soon as I started travelling I found it too hard to keep up with. Now that I’m not travelling I thought it would be nice to bring back a feature each week that I have time to work on. I have also been struggling with writing actual blog posts because of my lack of travelling and time to do anything new in Glasgow due to working far too many hours a week. Lastly I continuously have things I want to write about or share but they are always things that aren’t big enough to create a proper post. So this is going to be my little Sunday feature where I can chat about one little thing or lots of little things that I want to share, a bit like my ‘What’s Inspired Me’ post where I shared my favourite things around the web that week.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 15.10.46

This week I’m talking about:
Life in Glasgow and 10 weeks left

So this week marked 10 weeks left living in Glasgow, this is both exciting and scary but mostly I cannot believe how fast the past 8 months have flown by! I remember writing about moving to Glasgow and how the prospect of 10 months in the same place seemed awful; now we’ve just over two months left and I don’t even feel like I’ve stayed still. If anything I feel like I haven’t had enough time in Glasgow to get out and explore my local area. So for the next two months it is all about working super hard to earn some money (as I spent all my savings this month on stupid computers and plane tickets to a new destination – to be announced soon), getting out and about in Glasgow, seeing some more of Scotland, enjoying the Commonwealth Games, experiencing the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time and getting ready for the big move back to London.

I’ve been getting out with my camera a lot lately and editing up all my photos from this year, so expect to see a lot more photography on the blog. I have also been working on a new project which I will be announcing soon too. Lets just say I’m super excited to start getting creative again.

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I have been struggling with camp envy too, as everyone packed their bags and headed back off for a summer of fun. I have been trawling through Facebook wondering why I’m not doing something I’ve been dreaming of since 2011.

For a while all I wanted was for time to speed up and my life in Glasgow to end because everything just kept testing me. Now things are seeming a lot more positive and I’m just so full of energy for what this summer has to offer. I might not be exactly where I want to be, but being here ain’t bad!