Claiming your tax back in Australia – Q and A with the experts at Pinkcow

It was this time last year I was preparing to leave Australia and carry on my travels after four months of living and working in Melbourne. As I prepared to leave, one of the things I had to get sorted was my tax. I hadn’t worked for four months (on the wrong tax code) to lose all that money! Getting your tax back can feel like a daunting task and in my memory involves a ton of paperwork. Not knowing which company to go with at first, then you choose one but they charge a fortune to do the tax return for you… I mean, it’s bad enough that you lose a percentage of your return anyway.

So this month I have teamed up with Pinkcow to bring you all the answers to those important questions and to introduce you to a paperless tax back service – yes, I said PAPERLESS.

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Pinkcow is run by two qualified accountants who used to be travellers like you and I. They understand that we want every penny possible for our travels and know the importance of making the tax return quick and hassle free, which is why the whole thing can be done from your mobile device. There is one form and it will take you as little as 10 minutes to get your refund started! They cater for all nationalities too with translations to six languages.

Q and A with Pinkcow

Who can claim tax back if they have worked in Australia?

Anyone who is employed on a working holiday visa may be eligible for a tax claim. It does depend on how much they have earned compared to how much tax you have paid over the tax year. If you are not on a working holiday visa and are not sure of your status, give us an email at and we will provide guidance.

When does the tax year run and when should I claim my tax?

The tax year runs from the 1st of July to the 30th of June the following year. You can claim any time after the end of the tax year when you have all relevant documentation to make the claim. So now would be a perfect time to claim!

What do I need to provide to claim my tax back?

You will need to provide the following: end of year earning statement and pay slips as well as any receipts for tax deductible expenses.

If I have worked for several different companies, do I have to submit a claim for each company?

Only one claim is required – you can easily add more than one employer on our form.

How much of my tax will I receive?

This is case by case for each person- to get an estimate please use the tax calculator located on the homepage. The average tax refund is $2,500 – just think how much travelling you could do with that amount!

Is there a fee for claiming my tax back?

We charge $99 which is fully refundable if you do not receive a tax rebate.

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Why should I choose Pinkcow?

You should choose because we are a cost effective, 100% paperless service – you could do your return in 10 minutes from your mobile device ! Ease of use and great customer service is at the heart of everything we do – and if you don’t get a refund, we will reimburse the fee. It’s a win win for our customers really…

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Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post; however all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend a company I wouldn’t personally use.