Sunday’s Little Thing(s) – NYC and Photography Wishes

This Sunday’s Little Thing is all about travel and photography announcements. I’ve had a few travel plans up my sleeve for a month or so now but I wanted to tie in announcing them with my new photography project which I finally launched this week. Before we talk photography though lets get down to the travel because we all know that is way more exciting.

Leaving Glasgow, well our lease is officially sorted, notice handed to all jobs and the countdown begins. On the 27th of August we will leave our flat here behind and head back to the South of England before the big move to London on (ideally) the 15th September. I am honestly dreading finding a flat in London within our budget and in a nice area. Still on to the more exciting news….



So this trip is 5 months away yet – yes I booked a trip that far in advance – but on the 19th of December the boy and I will be flying off to NYC via a stopover in Iceland. Since finding out it costs no extra with Icelandair to have a stop over in Reykjavik that’s exactly what we are doing. I have been desperate to visit Iceland for years and even though we will only have a day and a half in total, I aim to use that day and a half to the max! I have already started doing some research of what is possible but I’m yet to book anything.

I would love your tour recommendations (especially for Northern Light hunting), accommodation suggestions and basically and need to know information for visiting in the middle of winter!

After our quick stop in Iceland we will carry on across the Atlantic to New York City. Now we have both visited NYC before but I am still super excited because I get to visit this awesome city during holiday season and visiting New York at Christmas time as been on my bucket list for so long! We will be staying at Hotel Metro in Manhattan near to the Empire State Building and because we have booked super early we saved a huge amount. Not only that but we have been able to choose the Premier Queen room – which seems to be the best room in the hotel! Who said that booking travel months in advance was pointless. So this trip might be months away yet but I am already beyond excited to tick two major things off my bucket list.


Even though I have visited the city before any suggestions for NYC at Christmas time would be much appreciated.

I still have two weeks at the beginning of September saved for travel but as of yet I haven’t booked anything. I had my heart set on Seattle after finding some super cheap flights but alas I didn’t book them and now they are no longer super cheap. So I guess my bank account has other ideas and I will likely spend my time around Europe. Where or what is anyones guess and this trip really is going to be a last minute thing but also a solo trip as the boy is off to to the Italian f1 in Monza during that time.

Now on to my Photography announcement…

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 20.58.11

As you may remember from my June roundup I photographed a wedding at the beginning of the month and LOVED IT. This wasn’t my first wedding photography but it was my first in a long while and I honestly didn’t think I would love it as much. Anyway since that day I have been putting together my own photography website for creative portrait and wedding photography. I know so many people getting married at the moment so hopefully it won’t take me too long to start booking in jobs for next year. What with having a permanent base in London for the next three years now seemed the perfect time to give setting up my own photography business a go.

So wish me luck and please go check out my website (as I spent hours choosing and altering the design) then go give my page a like on Facebook. Or even better if you are in the UK pass my website on to anyone you know looking for a wedding photographer 🙂

Photography Wishes Facebook

That’s all for this Sunday.