A Photo Tour around Scotland – Lochs

This post in the fourth in a series of photos of Scotland from my road trip in March. (View the rest here)

Scotland is famous for lochs, everywhere you drive you will see lochs and you know what most of them are stunning. Seems a silly thing to say when there are so many all over the highlands but some how each one is a little bit different yet extremely stunning at the same time. The lochs gave me a similar feeling to how the ocean makes me feel… free and at ease with the world. I have to say those unknown lochs were far better than the famous Loch Ness and Loch Lomond.

Loch 2 Loch 3 Loch 4 Loch 5

Loch 9 Loch 10 Loch 11 Loch 22 Loch Loch:road 2 Loch:road