30 Before 30 & My Bucket List

I love bucket lists! I started mine back in 2010 and have been continuously adding to it since. I then created a 30 before 30 challenge earlier this year after signing myself up for 4 years of living back in the UK I thought having some solid goals and a time frame to reach them by would stop me from feeling so trapped living in one country.

  1.  Climb a Mountain
  2.  Stroke a Lion
  3.  Get a surf lesson in Australia
  4. Own a VW camper van or beetle
  5.  Visit Australia
  6. Visit NYC
  7. Try a Ski/Snowboard lesson
  8. Swim with Dolphins
  9. Have an Art Studio
  10.  Go on a Road trip in another country
  11. Spend a night in a wooden hut over the sea
  12. Visit Greece
  13. Celebrate Songkran in Thailand
  14. Spend Christmas Time In New York
  15. Go to India – Photograph the Taj Mahal
  16. Visit Hawaii
  17. See/Photograph the Northern Lights
  18. Visit Alaska
  19. Travel America on the Zephyr Train
  20. See the Pyramids in Egypt
  21. Roadrip to Yellowstone National Park
  22. Run everyday
  23. Work in Canada
  24. Backpack Europe
  25. Live by the Sea
  26.  Work at Kids Summer Camp
  27. Visit Niagara Falls
  28. Go to Iceland
  29. Visit Big Sur , California
  31. Swim with Sharks
  32. Go to Disneyland
  33. Visit Cambodia
  34. Learn a second Language – TRYING
  35. Make a difference, Volunteer abroad
  36.  Sky Dive
  37. Stay at the Infinity Pool, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  38. Go to Plitvice lakes national park, Croatia
  39. Visit Navagio shipwreck Beach, Greece
  40. Travel South East Asia
  41. Visit Yosemite National Park
  42. Visit Iguazu falls, Argentina
  43. Visit Rio De Janerio, Brazil
  44. Walk Brooklyn Bridge
  45. Visit Victoria Falls
  46. Camp Somewhere Abroad
  47. Stay somewhere with a Rooftop Pool
  48. Go To Tanzania and Volunteer
  49. Visit Cathedral Cover, NZ
  50. Horse ride on the Beach
  51. Visit Sierra Leone
  52. Stay in an Ice Hotel
  53. Ride the trans-Siberian Train
  54. Work a Ski Season
  55. Over ground tour Cape Town to Zimbabwe
  56. Be in Sydney for New Year
  57. Go to an f1 Grand Prix
  58.  Live and work Abroad
  59. Hike to Machu Picchu, Peru
  60. Be a Travel Writer
  61. Go to London Olympic Stadium
  62. Take a picture at Milford Sound, NZ
  63. Road Trip Australia in in a Campervan
  64. See the Great Ocean Road
  65. Ride in a Helicopter
  66. Visit Ayres Rock
  67. Cruise around Halong Bay on a junk boat
  68. Explore New Zealand
  69. Complete 88 days of regional work in Australia
  70. Ride an Elephant in Thailand
  71. Take the Ghan train from Adelaide to Darwin
  72. Go to a full moon party.
  73. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  74. Teach English Abroad
  75. Get a Travel Tattoo
  76. Go Camping in the Sahara Desert
  77. Become a Primary School Teacher