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The Perfect Water Bottle for Travellers from Water-to-Go

When I’m travelling the one thing I am constantly buying is water, some countries you can’t drink tap water and others just don’t have a good supply of free water. So what would… Continue reading

In The Woods – Festival Packing List

With In The Woods festival fast approaching I thought it was about time I got packing, or at least thinking about it. After all the task of packing up the flat is a… Continue reading

How to Spend the Perfect Day in Sydney

It has been about six months since I last visited Australia and although I spent a few hours in Sydney during that trip I never made it to the city centre. So really… Continue reading

Five Alternative Jobs in Australia with the Backpacker Job Board

I don’t know about you but after seeing the Inbetweeners 2 movie earlier this week, I have been wanting to head out on another gap year ever since. A gap year where I… Continue reading

Sunday’s Little Thing – 5 Festival Wants

With In The Woods less than a month away I’ve started thinking about things I’d love for the festival. Sure I probably have everything I need without actually going and buying anything but… Continue reading

Top Picks For Edinburgh Fringe

Ever since knowing I was going to be in Scotland for August, Edinburgh Fringe has been on my ‘to do’ list. After attending the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Documentary Festival I have a good idea… Continue reading

The Perfect Smartphone Travel Goodies from Three

I have loved every bit of Three’s marketing campaign so far for their Feel At Home release. I jumped on entering the #holidaybraggie contest and have since been following several bloggers who have… Continue reading

All The Jobs I’ve Had to Afford Travel

Sometimes I really wonder how people afford all their travel and lately I feel like I’m seeing a lot more people on the travel blogs I follow taking press trip after press trip.… Continue reading

Claiming your tax back in Australia – Q and A with the experts at Pinkcow

It was this time last year I was preparing to leave Australia and carry on my travels after four months of living and working in Melbourne. As I prepared to leave, one of… Continue reading

What it’s like to study abroad as a student

This post is written by Alex a fellow travel blogger and friend of mine. We met back at camp in 2011 and have since continued to to keep in touch mostly due to… Continue reading

Top 10 Adventure Activities in Australia and New Zealand

These two countries are possibly the most popular with gap year travellers especially among us British. It may have something to do with the awesome working holiday visa we are offered and the… Continue reading

How to maximise your travel experience on a budget

A few weeks ago I told you my favourite saving tips from other travel bloggers and talked all about saving before you travel. Today I thought I would talk about how to save… Continue reading


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