An American Road Trip

Last Summer, My boyfriend, a friend and myself rented a car in LA and drove just under 3000miles in 2 weeks, It was the best thing I have ever done. We rented our… Continue reading

Living In London Summer 2012

In March 2012 my other half and I moved to Stoke Newington, London. I had no clue where Stoke Newington even was, it was just an insignificant place in Hackney to us. After… Continue reading

The Great Things About Living In London

I moved to London in March 2012, with much reservation to if I would like it, I am not a city girl and this is the biggest city in the Uk. Despite my… Continue reading

Top 5 – Places to take Kids in London

I am a nanny in Warwick Avenue/Maida Vale area, each half term I take the children to places around the city to keep them entertained, here are my top 5 some are free… Continue reading

Photo of the Week 22-06-2012

Southbank Skatepark, London I just love the expression on this boys face as he spraypaints, he knew I was photographying him too.

Driving in Death Valley

So it’s my first day behind the wheel, I can’t help but be excited about the prospect of really driving in America. That morning we had woken up in the beautiful Yosemite National… Continue reading

Visiting the Grand Canyon

After spending the night in Indian Springs, we set off for the Grand Canyon around midday. It was my second day of driving on the road trip and I was on a pretty… Continue reading

Unexpectedly Falling In Love With Baltimore

Within a few hours of being here, I was completely in awe with this city, despite the rather interesting characters wandering around, the city its self is just beautiful. The harbour has a… Continue reading

Helicopter Ride Over Manhattan

Day 92 in America, Tomorrow I go home, what better way to end a 3 month stay than flying Over Manhattan in a helicopter. After wandering along the river on my first day… Continue reading

The Bucket List

Since I came back from SA in 2010 with a passion for travelling, I have been adding to my “bucket list”, there were some things which crept in despite knowing I had already… Continue reading

Planning a trip. Part 1

Since I came back from South Africa I have wanted to do the trip I am currently planning with my boyfriend. I had spent every penny I had on volunteering for 5 weeks… Continue reading


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